Monday, March 22, 2010

Upcoming Reviews and Going DIY!

This weekend I finally got my hands on a coffee grinder. I've been without one since moving to New York, and all it took was a trip back to Long Island for me to grab one from home. I've relied on buying coffee from stores, which has been unwise financially. Don't think I'll visit shops to review less often now that I can make quality coffee from home though. It's not an everyday thing for me to buy a four dollar espresso at a downtown coffee shop, and I'm usually stuck with mediocre, cheap coffee from Tal Bagel (best bagels I've had in New York though!). I don't know all that much about specific coffee grinders, but this one is virtually silent, which is enough to impress me!

I also brought back some organic, fair-trade Columbian coffee from Aldo's, a local coffee shop in Greenport that certainly deserves its own review in the future. I only brought back a little, and plan on getting the Alphabet City blend from Ninth Street Espresso when I run out. In the meantime, I'm really enjoying the coffee from Aldo's. It will especially come in handy this week with the three midterms I have! After that my schedule opens up, and I plan on getting down to Third Rail Coffee in the West Village and The Bluebird Coffee Shop in the East Village by the weekend. I did go back to Grounded today to get some work done, and unfortunately right after I ordered my Nutella espresso, I noticed the Grounded Signature Espresso. I can't remember the exact ingredients, but I do remember thinking it could possibly be even better than their Nutella latte.

If you have any suggestions or requests on which coffee shop I should review next, please let me know! More reviews will be coming in the following weeks at a more consistent rate, and I am always looking for new places to try out.

My current set up (the coffee is from Columbia, just in an Ethiopian bag):


  1. Listen...I'm just going to say that perhaps someone should be reviewing Bagel Bob's. JUST SAYING.
    Also...this blog kinda kicks ass. Minus the lack of Bagel Bob's review!

  2. I am excite about trying new coffees, but interestingly enough what type of coffee brew system do you use.

  3. hey, i also have a coffee blog that i started after moving to nyc and finally finding some good coffee (several years ago). I had initially planned to do something along the lines of what you're doing but lost motivation... so mine is basically a google map. Might give you some ideas of places to visit -